A picture is worth a thousand words. Because videos best tell a story, we believe we have a duty to share our story with the world. Our team members are visual learners and believe providing videos to explain complicated topics makes learning about digital assets easier. 

2022 TNABC

In January of 2022, our Managing Partner, Andrew Holland, was asked to speak on a panel at The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC). We’re excited to share the full length version of Andrew’s panel as the group discussed legal, security, and diversification considerations for the digital asset space.


As we continue our  “A Day In The Life” video series, meet our Global Head of Investor Relations, Adam L. Eggebrecht. Adam is tasked with growing our assets under management and working with our limited partners on a daily basis. In addition, Adam also assists with the marketing efforts of the firm.


As we continue our “A Day In The Life” video series, meet our Head of Research, Joe Craven. Joe is tasked with identifying assets with real world uses cases and long-term value. Joe plays an integral role in supporting the overall efforts of our investment team.


Up first in our “A Day In The Life” video series, meet our CIO, Brad Dobson. Brad is tasked with setting the investment policy of our firm and we can’t express our gratitude enough for his commitment and passion to our mission.

genesis story

All great endeavors have a storied beginning. We are Clearwater Digital Partners. Learn a little more about who we are and what drives us to be the best in digital asset management.


Enjoy our very first video as we launched Clearwater Digital Partners and Clearwater Opportunity Fund I on September 21, 2021. Are you ready?